Porsche Panamera vs Audi A7

Porsche Panamera vs Audi A7

We’ve written some Porsche vs Audi comparisons, like the Porsche Macan vs Audi Q5, and in this article, we are going to continue with the Porsche vs Audi topic. In this article, we will be covering the differences and similarities between the Porsche Panamera vs Audi A7. Topics that will be covered include price, size, performance, reliability, and more in-depth below. The Porsche Panamera is classified as a full-size luxury car, while the Audi A7 is classified as a luxury coupe.

Porsche Panamera vs Audi A7 – The Basics

The Porsche Panamera was first introduced in 2009 and is still in production today. Since its introduction, there have been two generations: the 970 and 971. The 970 Panamera was built on the Porsche G1 platform, while the 971 Panamera is built on the Volkswagen Group’s MSB platform. The Panamera offers many different body styles: the Base, the Executive, and the Sport Turismo. Like body styles, there are also many trims offered: Base, 4, 4S, 4 E-Hybrid, 4S E-Hybrid, GTS, Turbo S, and a Turbo S E-Hybrid. The Panamera is seen to be a larger sedan version of the 911 for those consumers that need more cargo and passenger volume.

The Audi A7 was first introduced in 2010 and is still in production today. Since its introduction, there have been two A7 generations: the 4G8 (2010-2018) and the 4K8 (2019-Present). The 4G8 A7 was built on the Volkswagen Group’s MLB platform, while the 4K8 A7 is built on the Volkswagen Group’s MLB Evo platform. The A7 is the base model and it has two other sports variants: the S7 and RS7. There are 2 body types: a 4-door sedan and a 5-door liftback.

Panamera Generations

  • 970 Generation (2009-2016)
  • 971 Generation (2016-Present)

Audi A7 Generations

  • 4G8 A7 (2010-2018)
  • 4K8 A7 (2019-Present)

Porsche Panamera vs Audi A7 Price

It should come as no surprise that the Porsche Panamera is more expensive, but we’ll go into just how much more expensive the Porsche is versus the Audi.

New Porsche Panamera Price

We won’t go into ALL of the trims and body style combination prices, because there are 24 different combinations. However, we will touch on all of the base models and trims. Therefore, the base Panamera sedan starts at $92,400, the 4 sedan starts at $97,000, the 4S sedan start at $110,900, the 4 E-Hybrid starts at $109,000, the 4S E-Hybrid starts at $119,200, the GTS sedan starts at $135,200, the Turbo S sedan starts at $186,400, and FINALLY, the Turbo S E-Hybrid starts at $196,400.

Now, we’ll cover the Sport Turismo. The 4 Sport Turismo starts at $103,200, the 4S Sport Turismo starts at $117,100, the 4S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo starts at $123,200, the GTS Sport Turismo starts at $141,400, the Turbo S Sport Turismo starts at $190,400 and, last but not least, the Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo Panamera starts at $200,400. New prices on the Porsche Panamera range from $92,400-$206,800.

New Audi A7 Price

There are a lot fewer combinations to choose from for the A7, so it will be much quicker here. For the 2023 model year, there are three different trims to choose from: Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige. A Premium A7 starts at $70,200, a Premium Plus A7 starts at $75,350, and lastly, a Prestige A7 starts at $79,350. Since we included the sports variants for the Panamera, we thought it would be fair to include the A7’s sports variants.

The base S7 starts at $83,500, while the Prestige starts at $91,500. Lastly, the highest-performance A7, the RS7, starts at $123,900. Therefore, new prices on the Audi A7, sport variants included, range from $70,200-$123,900.

If you are curious about the trim differences with Audi’s, here is an article we wrote about the different Audi trims.

Used Porsche Panamera & Audi A7 Prices

For used Panameras vs A7s, both were introduced around the same time, so we will be taking 2010-2022 model years. A used Panamera’s price ranges from $15,999 – $199,999* with an average price overall of $107,999, depending on model year and mileage. A used A7’s price ranges from $11,795 – $74,995* with an average price overall of $43,395, depending on model year and mileage.

*At the time of writing this article, we believe we are in a market where used vehicles are inflated, so consider that when seeing the used prices above. 

General Porsche Panamera vs Audi A7 Topics

Porsche Panamera vs Audi A7 Size

Below are some basic details about the size and weight differences seen between the 2023 Porsche Panamera and the 2023 Audi A7.

Both of these vehicles have sporty exteriors, and they are pretty similar when it comes to exterior dimensions. However, the biggest difference between the two is cargo space. The Panamera’s second-row seats fold down allowing for more cargo space, 22 more inches to be exact.

Porsche Panamera vs Audi A7 Performance

For consistencies sake, we will be using the 2023 Porsche Panamera and 2023 Audi A7 factory performance specs.

Engines, Drivetrain, & Fuel Economy

Porsche Panamera Performance

The Porsche Panamera offers two different engines: a 2.9L Twin-Turbo V6 and a 4.0L V8 Twin-Turbo. There are two versions of the 2.9L TT. The untuned 2.9L TT is for the base Panamera models ($92,400), and it puts down 325hp and 331 lb-ft of torque. However, for the 4S Panamera ($110,990), the 2.9L TT is tuned for more performance and puts down 443hp and 405 lb-ft of torque. The 4.0L V8 TT is found in the GTS and Turbo S’. Like the 2.9L, there are two versions. The first version, found in the GTS, puts down 473hp and 457 lb-ft of torque. The tuned version, found in the Turbo S, puts down 620hp and 604 lb-ft of torque.

There are also many different E-Hybrid engines offered. They use a variation of the 2.9L V6 TT and 4.0L V8 TT with an E-Machine electric motor. Power ranges from 325hp to 690hp and 331lb-ft to 641lb-ft of torque.

Audi A7 Performance

The 2023 model year, as of now, only offers one engine: the 55 TFSI. The 55 TFSI is a turbocharged 3.0L V6 that puts down 335hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. The S7 comes equipped with a turbocharged 2.9L V6 that puts down 444hp and 442lb-ft of torque. Lastly, the RS7 comes equipped with a massive turbocharged 4.0L V8 that puts down 591hp and 590lb-ft of torque. All three models come equipped with Audi’s Quattro AWD technology.

Porsche Panamera & Audi A7 Reliability and Common Problems

Porsche Panamera

Is the Porsche Panamera reliable? Unfortunately, the Panamera’s reliability is very poor. On RepairPal, the Panamera’s reliability is rated .5 out of 5, which is below the 2.5 average reliability rating for all other luxury fullsize cars. Based off of this rating, it puts the Panamera dead last for reliability in the luxury fullsize car category (30th out of 30). The average annual ownership cost of a Porsche Panamera is $1,252, which is above the average by $276.

Common problems seen in Panamera’s include high oil consumption, faulty cam adjuster bolts, engine overheating, PCM issues, engine misfires, and coolant leaks. Since the Panamera is so expensive, we wouldn’t think many are daily drivers. However, we have seen some models last up to 200,000 miles.

Audi A7

Is the Audi A7 reliable? Also, unfortunately, the Audi A7’s reliability is below average. On RepairPal, the A7’s reliability rating is 2 out of 5, which is below the 2.5 average reliability rating for all other luxury fullsize cars. Although this puts the Audi A7 ahead of the Panamera, it still ranks 27th out of 30 in the same category. The 2017 model year Audi A7 is rated the highest when it comes to reliability. The average annual ownership cost of an Audi A7 is $1,251, which is $1 less expensive than the Panamera.

Common problems seen in A7’s include premature timing chain failure, defective airbags, electrical bugs, defective start-stop system, common fuel leaks, steering issues, and unexpected coolant loss. If maintained properly, Audi A7’s can easily last up to 150,000 to 200,000 miles.

Porsche Panamera vs Audi A7 – Which is Better?

So, which is better the Panamera or the A7? We feel this is a rather subjective question because we know consumers have different wants and needs. However, what we can do is provide facts for both vehicles to help others in making their purchasing decision. The Porsche Panamera may be viewed as more high status, but a price comes with that. The Panamera can be far more expensive, but allows for my customization. It can be more powerful and has more cargo space for those that need it. The Audi A7 is cheaper, more reliable, gets better gas mileage, and tends to be cheaper to maintain. Both are great vehicles that have 5-star safety ratings, have similar tech and safety features, have very sporty exteriors, and modern interiors.

If you happen to be on the fence between the two models, schedule a test drive with your local Audi and Porsche dealer. This is going to be the best research you can get.

Porsche Panamera vs Audi A7 Conclusion

To conclude this article, we know purchasing a luxury vehicle like the two listed above can be a scary undertaking. However, we hope the information above assists any consumer in choosing between the Porsche Panamera and the Audi A7. In short, the Panamera is more expensive but allows for more customization. While the Audi A7 is cheaper and tends to be more reliable. If you are someone that has had first-hand experience with either vehicle, please let us know your experience in the comments below. This review will help future readers in their purchasing decisions.

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