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Is There a 7 Seater Porsche?

With the market shift from passenger cars to Crossover Utility Vehicles (CUV) and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) starting in the early 2000’s, Porsche had to act fast, which they did. The Porsche Cayenne was quickly introduced in 2002 and is still in production today. Then the Macan, which is Cayenne’s smaller “sibling”, was introduced 12 years later in 2014. Both were, and still are, a hit for Porsche enthusiasts that wanted a bigger vehicle to support their lifestyle. However, both of these are only two-row SUV’s. This leads many to ask if Porsche has or plans to have a 3rd row, or 7 seater, Porsche SUV.

Does Porsche Have a 3rd Row SUV?

Short answer, no. Not yet that is. However, there have been rumors of a 7 seater Porsche being developed. Codenamed “Landjet” or “K1”, this rumored 3rd row Porsche SUV is expected to be produced for the 2026 model year. Again, this is a rumor, but there is some big evidence supporting this. Porsche’s CEO, Oliver Blume, in July of this year said they are working on two electric SUVs on top of the 2023 Macan EV that was already announced. Therefore, some must think that one of these is going to be a 3rd row SUV.

New Sales Opportunities? – 7 Seater Porsche

On top of the CEO announcing two additional SUV’s, he carried on to say they plan on adding a new luxury electric SUV to the already attractive suite of SUVs. Let’s dive into this a little more. They already have the Macan, which is considered a high-performance luxury crossover SUV, that rivals BMW’s X3, Audi’s Q5, and MB’s GLC line. They also have the VERY popular Cayenne, which is considered a high-performance mid-size luxury SUV, that rivals BMW’s X5, Audi’s Q8, and MB’s GLE line. Therefore, what other size could they be adding?

This is where it gets interesting. On top of Blume saying they’re adding more SUVs to their lineup, he also said that one of them would expand Porsche’s SUV position and tap into new sales opportunities. This sentence pushes the needle forward into confirming the rumored “K1” is going to happen. We don’t see them going smaller than the Macan because it is already small enough for those that want a nice CUV. Therefore, we are 90% sure Porsche will be announcing a 7 seater Porsche in the next couple of years.

7 Seater Porsche Specs?

Unfortunately, all of the information we have is what is above. However, we can assume it is going to be bigger the Cayenne, which is 67″ in height, 193.6″ in length, 78″ in width, and a 114″ wheelbase. Also, we can assume that the “K1” or “Landjet” will be electric, based on the CEO’s stance of “in 2025, half of all new Porsche sales are expected to come from the sale of electric vehicles”. We especially think this will be the case with the success of the Porsche Taycan since its introduction in 2019. Since the Taycan weighs more than 6,000 pounds, we think quite a bit of its success can be devoted to Section 179.

For price, we can go ahead and assume that it is going to be more expensive the Cayenne, which the base 2023 Cayenne starts at $72,200. Based on simple math, the base Cayenne is 20% more expensive ($14,700 price difference) than the base Macan. Therefore, we can assume the rumored new 7 seater Porsche will MSRP in the price range of $83,000 – $86,640.

7 Seater Porsche Conclusion

Once again, we would like to preface, that this is all rumored. But with the information above we also feel pretty confident about the assumptions made. When there is more information rolled out hinting about a 3rd row Porsche SUV, we will make sure to come back and refresh this article! Porsche has always been ahead of the curve and we think an electric 7 seater Porsche would be another wildly successful addition to the already successful Porsche SUV lineup. Stay tuned!

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Credit: Automotive News Europe

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