Here’s How to Pronounce Porsche

Before we get into how to pronounce Porsche, let’s dive into a little history to understand the origin of the “Porsche” brand name.

Quick History of Porsche

Porsche, the German automobile manufacturer, was started back in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche. Ferdinand started “Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche GmbH” for the purpose of consulting. However, in 1934, Porsche was commissioned by the German government to design an affordable mass-produced vehicle. Introducing the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most iconic vehicles still to this day. This was Ferdinand’s first experience with designing vehicles. Fast forward 14 years later, the first car to bear the “Porsche” name was built, the 356, and it was designed by Ferdinand’s son, Ferry.

Hundreds of models and variants later, Porsche generated over $41 billion in revenue in 2022 and a record breaking $7.5 billion in profit.

Ferdinand Porsche

How to Pronounce Porsche

With all of this said, it has us wondering how people have pronounced “Porsche” over the last 9 decades. The correct way, “Por-shuh”. A two-syllable word. “Por” rhymes with “door” and “shuh” rhymes with “duh”. We have to admit though, some people on our team don’t say it like that, and let me tell you, it bothers us all. Other ways people pronounce “Porsche”:

  • “Porsh”
  • “Porsh-ee”
  • “Porsh-ay”

As strange as some of those may sound, it is said differently in different languages. However, in English it is “Por-shuh”! We sure wouldn’t advise going to a Porsche meet-up and pronouncing it any other way. Now, since this is such a common question, Porsche even came out with a video on how to pronounce it, from the company itself! (See Below)

How to Pronounce Porsche Conclusion

To wrap this up, it’s “Por-Shuh”. Not “Porsch”, “Porsh-ee”, or certainly not “Porsh-ay”. So, the next time you see a Porsche, you can pronounce it properly. Unless, you are trying to bother others and purposely say it wrong to trigger others. That’s up to you. If you’re interested in reading more Porsche content, we have many generic Porsche posts like “These Are the Cheapest Porsche’s You Can Buy“.

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