Anderson Germany Tuning

ANDERSON GERMANY is a project from DA Premium Cars UG which is specialized in top-class custom tuning of vehicles in the high end range. We do not have anything “off the shelf”; each of the vehicles which leave the ANDERSON halls is unique. ANDERSON GERMANY sets itself apart with a special design and the love to the detail. We produce everything which makes the car lover’s heart skip a beat according to customer requirements – You decide what your vehicle will look like.


AWE Tuning is the authority in performance engineering for German automobiles. From award winning hand-crafted performance exhausts to track tested big turbo kits to vetted performance products including GIAC, Bilstein, H&R, Brembo and more

Cargraphic Tuning

“Quality needs to get under your skin”  – that’s the creed Thomas and Michael Schnarr live by. In 1985, as show tuning was celebrating its biggest excesses elsewhere in Germany, in Landau, the foundations for Cargraphic were being laid – a car tuning company that fittingly describes its concept with the name “The performance company”.

DMC Tuning

DMC is a German designer of exclusive automobiles that redefines luxury tuning for owners of Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari automobiles. It offers individualization options for your car’s interior and exterior designs
 Porsche Tuning Company - Dukes Garage

Duke’s Garage Tuning

Duke’s Garage is an innovative company based in Westminster, Colorado that specializes in restoring and selling classic and vintage cars, sales of Beck Porsche Speedsters and Spyders, sales of 100% electric cars and customer conversions from gasoline engines to 100% electric vehicles
 Edo competition - Porsche Tuning company

edo competition Motorsport

The name edo competition Motorsport stands for the professional individualisation of vehicles.
 FAB Design

FAB Design Tuning

FAB DESIGN offer an assortment of elegant stylish Aerodynamic-kits, one-piece and multi-piece light allow wheels from 18 to 20-inch diameter, sporty-comfortable sport suspension and exclusive options for interior. In addition FAB DESIGN offers a high performance and stable motor tuning as well as brake systems

FABSPEED Motorsports

FABSPEED MOTORSPORTS’ mission is to provide our customers with quality performance products, competitive pricing and unparalleled service. With our team of dedicated employees, we strive to be the innovator in our industry.


FREISINGER-motorsport offer you customised tuning solutions for your Porsche. The Porsche myth is our passion. FREISINGER-motorsport services: Historical motor car racing, restoration, spare parts for all historical Porsches, tuning & performance improvement, Porsche used cars & racing cars as well as engine engineering and service.

FVD Tuning

We’re doing everything we can to make FVD your favorite source for Tuning, Accessories and Spare parts. Our product line and our organization is worldwide biggest in the business, and we have a huge inventory on hand.


 30 years of experience……is contained in every single detail. That means 30 years during which we have learned more and more about the particular character of Porsche. We know where and how the potential of a Porsche can be boosted. We know that to achieve this you cannot look just at individual parts, you have to consider the effect on the whole package.

GMG Tuning

Founded in 2001 by James Sofronas and Fabryce Kutyba, GMG has quickly established itself as North America’s premier performance tuning facility. GMG is located directly across from Porsche Motorsport North America (PMNA). This close proximity offers GMG a clear advantage when upgrading performance and developing racing products for these outstanding automobiles.

Hamann Motorsport GmbH

Hamann Motorsport GmbH is a German car tuning company based in Laupheim. The company designs and builds upon many parts of the original car, such as tuning the car’s engine, lowering the car, making a new body with more aggressive features, and installing racing tires.

JZM Tuning

JZM are always looking for ways to innovate and ensure that we stay at the sharp end of Porsche technology, offering you a high quality service with consistently reliable repairs. We have over 20 members of staff who share the same passion for Porsche and all work as one big team.

Lumma Design Tuning

Under the topic, Lumma, there are two seperate companies now. Lumma Tuning and Lumma Design. Both companies are located in one headquater. After founding Lumma Design the company is focused on BMW, Porsche and Mercedes tuning only.Specificly Bodykits and interior upgrades as well as engine tuning susspension , brakes and wheels in dimenssion up to 23″

Magnat Tuning

The company MAGNAT Audio Produkte GmbH from Pulheim


Traditionally MANSORY stands for sporty driving pleasure, exclusive design and progressive engineering. In line to this philosophy are also the customization programs of the MANSORY (Switzerland) AG for the Porsche models Porsche, BMW und Range Rover. Our experienced team develops and produces high-end-refining in all disciplines of individual automotive engineering.

MTM Tuning

MTM share a passion and bonding with you as customer and don’t build cars to satisfy our personal vanity, instead we offer sensible, discreetly packaged individualised reconstructions. We not only promise you more performance and torque, but a completely personalised vehicle concept.

Project Kahn Tuning

One of the secrets to Project Kahn’s success is the selected clientele and their
need for individuality. To build special vehicles fora small circle of people who
have the taste for exclusivity and the finer things in life.
Finest Quality, to the last detail.

RENNtech Tuning

This is the foundation upon which RENNtech has built their reputation. Established in 1989 by Harmut Feyhl, RENNtech has evolved and grown from humble beginnings into the foremost authority on luxury automobile performance tuning and offers complete tuning solutions for Mercedes Benz, Porsche, VW, Audi and Bentley vehicles.

ROOCK AutoSport

Roock AutoSport is the industry leader in Porsche tuning. Roock can transform your car into a unique and distinctive automobile. The Roock team makes very specific technical modifications including chassis, engine tuning, customized interiors, and made-to-order design

RUF Tuning

RUF Automobile GmbH is a producer of high-performance vehicles, specializing in manufacturing new RUF automobiles from the bare chassis, conversions to RUF specification and the performance enhancement / refinement of Porsche cars.

Schmidt Revolution Tuning

Schmidt Revolution has been active in the car tuning accessories market for two decades now. In the past years, we have, apart from numerous trends in tuning, e.g. the „staggered wheels“, launched unique technical achievements in rim manufacture such as the three-piece rim construction, the RADINOX® technology, and the DurChrome coating. These three product properties can be found on Schmidt Revolution rims only.

Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design

Singer Vehicle Design is approaching their vehicle customizations as Restored, Re-imagined and Reborn designs. So far, their customizations have focused on classic cars

speedART Tuning

Since 1999 speedART provides exclusive conversions and individual tuning for Porsche. Either for racetrack or for street use, we provide a full range conversion program. speedART also offers restoring services for your Young and Oldtimer. We look forward to your inquiry.

Sportec Tuning

Sporty cars arouse emotions and express a certain way of living. Driving a high-performance car signifies an exceptional, breath-taking relationship between man and machine.

TECH9 Tuning

Our experience in Porsche tuning and modifying high performance Porsche vehicles during the last two decades, plus our Motorsport activities preparing full race cars or track-day machines has given us a unique insight about the best performing, most cost effective components in the marketplace.

Techart Tuning

TECHART sets the pattern in individualizing Porsche automobiles and has established as the international premium brand in this segment.

TopCAR Tuning

TOPCAR Moscow has been involved in the tuning of premium cars since 2004. Right from the start the activity of TOPCAR have been aimed at creating its own original design of the cars. The strategy of the company is to build up the luxury and unique but comfortable and convenient cars for everyday use.

Vorsteiner Tuning

Vorsteiner was conceived through the idea of creating the highest quality parts for the most discerning clientele. Our relentless pursuit of advancement and perfection is seen not only in our unmatched automotive parts, but also in the hands that labor to create purely sensational parts for the most deserving and elite clientele.