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Porsche 918 number one of Top 10 Hybrid/Electric Sports And Super Cars

Porsche green news Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid Top 10 Hybrid/Electric Sports And Super Cars Famous car blog Topspeed announced Top 10 Hybrid Sports and Super Cars. Not surprisingly top position was gone to Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid – car that rocked the sport car market with its impossible low fuel consumption and groundbreaking speed. Definitively number […]


New Porsche Boxster E Electric Vehicle Previewed

Porsche green news Electric vehicles Zero-emission Porsche Boxster E Porsche Boxster also experiences the way of a electric traction, which until a few years ago seemed almost a fiction, but today the cars with zero emissions are gaining in the sports segments and in the most famous brands. While Porsche earlier announced the 918 RSR hybrid, the […]


The World’s slowest Porsche GT3 RS

Zero-emission Slowest Porsche Porsche Ferdinand GT3 RS Here is a video and photo gallery showing the new Ferdinand GT3 RS, a zero-emissions car named after the legendary Porsche founder. Unfortunately the car has nothing to do with Porsche, other than being shaped like a Porsche 911. It features a “gold-painted” exterior, has a big rear wing […]


Porsche CEO: We are “almost over the initial hype” of electric cars

Electric Porsche Green Auto news Automotive News recently got the chance to sit down with Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller to go over the company’s plans for the future, and one of the juiciest tidbits to crop up from the interview came from a discussion on the possibility of a fully-electric Porsche. When asked about a battery-operated sports […]