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Porsche video: Cool car parking! Is this the Porsche in this crash?

Porsche video Porsche crash Cool Car parking This cool car parking job has to be seen to be believed. Watch as the driver manages to flip and roll his car into a series of open spots to create his very own parallel spot. It’s just a shame he was actually trying to keep it on the road. […]


Porsche video: Porsche Cayman S Crash at Sepang International Circuit

Porsche video Porsche Cayman S Porsche Crash: Sepang International Circuit This was the scene at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia where the Japan GT was being held. Porsche Cayman S hits Ferrari 360, Ferrari 360 hits Ferrari California as a result, the crowd goes wild. Watch Porsche Crash video:     (Another angle with aftermath footage at […]


Porsche video: horrible Porsche crash

Porsche video Porsche Boxster Porsche Crash:VIR Continental Tire series Watch this Porsche video, how Rick DeMan gets wide in a corner and rolls his Porsche Boxster multiple times


Girl crashes Porsche into the bus stop

Porsche crash pictures Girl crashes Porsche Riga, Latvia: Today, in the center of Riga, 23 years old girl lost control over her vehicle Porche Cayman and crashed into a bus stop. According to the traffic police, a 23 years old driver and a passenger (born in 1992) of the car suffered in the accident. Luckily […]