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Porsche video: Electric Porsche Boxster E Driving experience

Porsche video Electric Porsche Porsche Boxster E Porsche driving experience Driving experience of the new Electric Porsche Boxster E from the Challenge Bibendum event. The vehicle was driven by Günther Höchsmann, Senior Engineer at Porsche Enjoy this Porsche video     More details about new Electric Porsche Boxster E you can read there:  New Details on Electric […]


New Details on Electric Porsche Boxster E RWD and AWD Prototypes

Porsche news Electric Porsche Prototypes Porsche Boxster E Back in February, Porsche announced the development of three pure-electric prototypes based on the Porsche Boxster roadster, but aside from a single photo and the fact that the electric motors could produce up to 180kW/241HP, the Stuttgart-based automaker did not release any other details on the cars. After […]


Electric Porsche Boxster E review – First Drive

Electric Porsche Porsche Boxster E Porsche Boxster review – First drive Imagine you’re running along a country road at the wheel of a Porsche Boxster. One second, there’s the glorious sound of a flat six-cylinder engine — a faint mechanical thrashing overlaid with the thrum of bass exhaust — behind your shoulders. The next second, […]


Porsche CEO: We are “almost over the initial hype” of electric cars

Electric Porsche Green Auto news Automotive News recently got the chance to sit down with Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller to go over the company’s plans for the future, and one of the juiciest tidbits to crop up from the interview came from a discussion on the possibility of a fully-electric Porsche. When asked about a battery-operated sports […]