Rock Legend Udo Lindenberg: “Porsche also leads in environmental matters with the hybrid car”

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Udo Lindenberg: "Porsche Panic Power"“The Porsche boys will swing this thing”

Stuttgart. At the Porsche press conference held on the day before the Porsche Carrera World Cup and the Nürburgring 24 hour race, Porsche head of motorsport Hartmut Kristen and Porsche works driver Timo Bernhard fielded questions from journalists. Joining them in the Porsche Media Lounge at the Nürburgring were Melanie Snow and Craig Baird, the drivers of the VIP-cars at the Porsche Carrera World Cup – and as star guest, rock legend Udo Lindenberg. This is what they said…
Hartmut Kristen on the further-developed Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid: “The main priority for us was about improving efficiency. We reached this goal through targeted optimisation of the hybrid components. We reduced the weight by 50 kilograms, at the same time increasing the performance of the two electric motors from 60 to 75 kilowatts each. All of this was with the objective of improving the efficiency.”

Timo Bernhard on his second 24 hour race in two weeks: “It’s quite exhausting obviously, but we’re trained for it. That’s our job. Both Le Mans and the Nordschleife are unbelievably demanding circuits. We’re driving both the 911 GT3 R and the 911 GT3 RSR here. The race cars are not that different in their handling, they’re both 911s after all. The 911 GT3 R is built more for top speed, the 911 GT3 RSR for more downforce. Because the competition is incredibly strong this year, our team boss Olaf Manthey decided that we should test both vehicles and then decide which one we’ll finally drive for the race. Many regard us as favourites because we won four consecutive times between 2006 and 2009. As far as I’m concerned, the most important factors are the reliability and speed of the 911 as well as having Olaf Manthey as an ingenious team boss and strategist. He lives only three kilometres away from the track and knows it and the Eifel like no other.”

Melanie Snow on her first Nordschleife race: “Without doubt, the Porsche Carrera World Cup will be the highlight of my career. I have a great deal of respect for this circuit. You need a lot of courage on the Nordschleife to be truly fast. I will do my best and I’m very happy that Porsche Cars North America sent me here. I’ll certainly be sure to enjoy every moment.”

Craig Baird about the Porsche Carrera World Cup: “I’ve won 109 Cup races by now, and everyone of course asks me whether this fantastic race will be the 110th. To be honest, even for me as an experienced pilot, it’ll be very difficult to match the boys who have grown up on this circuit. I was last here three years ago and I have turned just four laps in practice. Four laps in three years – that’s not exactly a lot. But I’m very much looking forward to the race and I’m proud that Porsche AG has entrusted me with the VIP-car.”

Udo Lindenberg on the 24 hour race and the fascination of Porsche: “I bought my first Porsche in 1973 in Hamburg and spent all of my earnings from my first big gig. I’ve never regretted it, on the contrary: For me, Porsche embodies passion in its most beautiful form and I’m pleased that Porsche also leads in environmental matters with the hybrid car. We have to get the emissions down, that much is certain. And of course I hope the car wins the race. This is my first time here and I find it totally awesome. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the Porsche boys, they’ll swing this thing.”

At the press conference, Udo Lindenberg unveiled his own painting with the Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid, entitled: “Porsche Panic Power”.

This picture will be auctioned on the internet under with the proceeds going to the Udo Lindenberg charity for child aid projects in Africa.


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