Porsche video:Porsche 928 wrecking in Risky Business style

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Porsche 928 and icon motorsportsThe roadways can be a dangerous place to be, no matter what type of vehicle is moving you and yours to and fro. Though cars and trucks are getting safer year after year, the same can’t necessarily be said of motorcycles. While advances like anti-lock brakes, traction control and even airbags have made modern motorcycles easier to ride, it’s no surprise which vehicle generally wins when a car and a motorcycle collide.

That’s where the proper safety gear comes into play. In order to maximize safety when riding on two (or three) wheels, a rider needs to cover him or herself in the full spate of riding apparel, and companies like Icon Motorsports fill that need. Thing is, motorcyclists tend to be an interesting bunch, and appealing to their sense and sensibilities isn’t easy.

Hence, the video you’ll see after the break.* In it, a super cool dude with a ratty Porsche 928 (looks like the Tom Cruise’s Porsche 928 in movie Risky Business) has locked himself firmly in the ’80s and doesn’t give a single thought to anyone else, including a pair of Harley-Davidson Sportster-mounted bikers, ably played by Rob Carpenter and Chris Rayburn. Mayhem ensues. Oh, and as is often the case in the real world, the motorcyclist gets the girl.



[source: resurrectedrestorations.com]

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