Porsche Museum hosts Colección Goméz – the art on Porsche 911 GT2 hoods

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Art on Porsche 911 GT2


Art on Porsche 911 GT2The Porsche Museum opened a new special exhibition in September 20th. Called the ‘Colección Goméz‘ the museum will display 24 works of art created by 19 South American artists who have used Porsche 911 GT2 hoods pressed into service as a ‘canvass’.

The new exhibition is the brainchild of Jorge Gómez, both an art lover and big fan of the Porsche brand. Gomez came up with the idea of combining his two biggest passions, linking two art forms in the process.

Art on Porsche 911 GT2

Three of the 19 important artists from Uruguay and Argentina who accepted Gomez’s invitation to participate in the exhibition include Pablo Atchugarry, Rogelio Polesello and Jorge Ferreyra Basso. Each has given the Porsche hoods their very own signature and put a creative twist on them.

The work on the skin of a racing car inspired the artists to very different works, offering the beholder a great variety of styles and materials employed – from acrylic to enamel and mosaic tiles to rubber from tires. But from time to time the works of art still fulfill their original purpose as a car hood, and Gómez occasionally insists on fitting them on his own Porsche 911 GT2 and taking the artworks for a spin.

The collection is now making its European debut in the Porsche Museum, and will be onview until January 8, 2012. The Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Art on Porsche 911 GT2

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