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Since the Porsche Design brand was established in 1972, Porsche Design productshave been synonymous with functional, timeless, and puristic design. The product portfolio includes classic men’s accessories, watches, sunglasses, a line of men’s fragrances, luggage, a sports and fashion collection, mobile phones, and accessories for the home.

Porsche Design products

Porsche Design Shoes Porsche Design shoes – the collaboration between adidas and Porsche Design. Dynamic form, well-trained function.  
Porsche Design Watches Porsche Design has been developing and producing chronographs for more than thirty years, and has continued to push the limits in doing so.
Porsche Design Bags Porsche Design Bags – Robust form, agile function. The new Roadster distinguishes itself with its reduced weight and incredible ease of rolling. It has a new rim design. Aluminum protectors provide protection when pulling it over curbs and up or down steps.
Porsche Design Sun glasses Porsche Design sun glasses – classic form, innovative function. The intelligent interchangeable lens mechanism makes it possible to switch out the sunglasses’ lenses based on the light conditions. For the highest level of comfort and UV protection. As well as an individual look.
Porsche Design Fashion Select materials, high-quality workmanship. The Porsche Design Fashion Collection combines style with savvy extras. The highlight of the collection: the new Hydro Tec leather jacket. The lamb nappa leather is laminated with a water and wind-resistant membrane that is also breathable. Welded seams make it waterproof in all types of weather
Porsche Design Electronics Porsche Design Electronics turns heads thanks to innovative technology and lots of features. Exquisite materials and timeless aesthetics. To put it another way: Design that connects people.
Porsche Design Home products Porsche Design Home products can make your home even more stylish. Porsche Design Lamps are a perfect blend of aesthetics and innovative technology. Pure precision with the Porsche Design Kitchen Knives. The Porsche Design Kitchen Appliances are made of brushed aluminum and are a real eye-catcher.  
Porsche Design Accessories Porsche Design writing tools meet the high expectations of demanding people in terms of expressive trends. Exquisite, high-tech optics and various selected materials are indicative of this jewelry collection. Trademark of the culture of enjoyment. The Porsche Design Smoking Accessories are popular among aficionados and collectors alike. The exquisite fragrance. Clear, sharp, unmistakable. Porsche Design Small Leather Goods give practical items a stylish look. Classic. Functional.  
 Porsche Design Lighters  
 Porsche Design Pens  
 Porsche Design Essences  

Porsche Design company

The Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See, Austria, stands for the clear, timeless, and unmistakable design that is the trademark of all Porsche Design Group products. The Studio also works for other companies in the field of industrial and product design. Today the Porsche Design Studiois one of Europe’s best known and most reputable design studios.

Porsche Design philosophy

The Porsche Design Studio creates products that are unique. For Porsche Design. And for other major brands. The automotive origins leave their imprint on every detail. Technology, the choice of materials, and workmanship reflect the Porsche signature. The products that are created unite design with functionality. Engineered, innovative, puristic. The Porsche Design Studiocombines a tradition of craftsmanship with innovative technology, hence every design item it creates has the potential to become a classic. All of the designs bear an unmistakable signature: clarity and functionality of form, careful selection of materials, and high-quality workmanship. A recipe for success that always captures the zeitgeist.

Porsche Design history

Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of the Porsche founder, always sought the unusual. And successfully. He developed the Porsche 911 design, which quickly became the very embodiment of the sports car and, like many other items designed by Professor F.A. Porsche, a design classic. In 1972 Professor F.A. Porsche established the Porsche Design Studio in Stuttgart. Two years later he moved it to Zell am See in Austria. In the decades that followed, numerous classic men’s accessories such as watches, eyeglasses, and writing utensils were created and marketed worldwide under the “Porsche Design” brand. But there was also a large number of industrial products, household appliances, and consumer goods that were developed under the “Design by F.A. Porsche” brand for internationally known clients. Since 2004 the studio in Zell am See has been managed by Roland Heiler. Professor F.A. Porsche is honorary chairman of the Porsche Design Studioadvisory board.

Porsche Design Term & Technology

What already exists? What might follow? Where is optimization called for? Where are solutions needed? The Porsche Design Studio thoroughly studies the essence, function, and meaningfulness of a product. It considers suitable materials and finds forms that are integral to their intended functions. It creates preliminary concepts based on such considerations and sketches them out by hand. It gives shape to preliminary models and uses 3-D computer modeling to define every last detail of a final production model – with the ultimate goal of developing a stylistic vocabulary that is clear and functional. All projects are managed as a whole, from the planning stage to mass production. The Porsche Design Team engages designers, model makers, and administrators in a dynamic dialog. An international team with many years of experience ensures continuity in the design process. A staff of 18 work in dynamic dialog with one another. Members who have been with the company since its founding work with young designers. Projects are managed as a whole – from the planning stage to mass production. The Porsche Design Studioworks with 2-D [Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign] and 3-D software [Autodesk Alias, SolidWorks, Rhinoceros].

Model fabrication

Complete work in metal, plastic, wood; concept development, project management, etc., in these areas: The harmonious interplay of form and function, not to mention pleasure and reason, are the focus of the Porsche Design Studioin its daily work. Its objective, after all, is to improve the quality of human life with each and every product.

  • Product design and architectural models
  • Transport design
  • Trade fair stand and object design
  • Graphic design and packaging
  • Product animation
  • Interface design

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