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Porsche Design Lacie mobile drive P'9220I got a chance to play around with Lacie’s newly announced Porsche Design P’9220 mobile hard drive and one thing is certain: this little 5-inch hard drive is one sexy beast. If we’re judging this book by it’s cover, I’d give the Porsche P’9220 a ten, hands-down. It has this nice brushed metal aluminum finish, sharp lines, and even sharper corners (seriously, be careful), and is light/small enough to fit in a back pocket.

The Porsche Design Lacie mobile drive measures in at 2.8in x 0.6in x 5.1in, and weighs just 240g (half a pound). In terms of compatibility, computers with a USB 2.0 port running Windows and OS X are all supported.

It comes in both a 500GB model and a 1TB model, meaning that if you opt for the big guy you’ll have room for 120 hours of HD video, 1,200 hours of standard video, 260,000 songs, or 300,000 pictures. If math isn’t your forte, the 500GB model offers half the storage space of its big brother. The Porsche P’9220 offers support for both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, and right on the box Lacie offers up stats on file transfer speeds. According to Lacie, using USB 3.0 you can reach speeds of up to 5Gb/s, while a USB 2.0 connection can reach speeds of 480Mbps. I ran a couple of test transfers myself over the USB 2.0 connection to see if that held up: a 733MB movie took an average of 23 seconds to copy over to the drive, while a 5.36GB file took 2 minutes, 24 seconds.

The Porsche Design Lacie mobile drive comes with its own USB 3.0 cable, and setup with this little looker was a breeze. Just pop it in, and launch the Lacie Setup assistant. The whole process took a minute, tops. The Porsche P’9220 also comes with Lacie’s complete software suite, including password protection, automatic backup, 40 percent power saving capability, and secure online storage with Wuala.

The Lacie Porsche Design P’9220 hit shelves today with a price tag of $104.99.

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