Porsche CEO: We are “almost over the initial hype” of electric cars

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green porsche logoAutomotive News recently got the chance to sit down with Porsche¬†CEO Matthias Mueller¬†to go over the company’s plans for the future, and one of the juiciest tidbits to crop up from the interview came from a discussion on the possibility of a fully-electric Porsche. When asked about a battery-operated sports car, Mueller said that while some estimates say that 20 percent of all vehicles on the road will be electric by 2020 (says who, we wonder), he believes that figure will likely sit closer to three to five percent. He finished up by saying “We are now almost over the initial hype before business really gets started.”
However the electric/internal combustion mix plays out in nine years, Mueller said that he believes Porsche will be a player in that market. That means that if 10 percent of the car market is electrified, you can expect 10 percent of Porsche vehicles to be the same.

The interview also touched on everything from a new model above the 911 to future variation on the Panamera.

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