Pop singer Ryan Cabrera loves his Porsche

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  • Ryan Cabrera
  • 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo
Quick Stats: Ryan Cabrera pop singer
Daily Driver: 2007 Porsche 911 Turbo
Favorite road trip: Los Angeles to Las Vegas
Car he learned to drive in: 1994 Nissan 240SX
First car bought: 2003 Porsche Boxster
Pop Singer Ryan Cabrera and PorscheRight after pop singer Ryan Cabrera signed his first record deal five years ago, he did what many would do and rewarded himself with his dream car: a new Porsche.
“I was like, the only thing I want after I sign a record deal is I want to buy a Porsche, because my dad always had them and I always wanted one, so I bought a Boxster”
That was the same year many in the public first saw Cabrera — as a cute kid with his big, spiky hair on his then-girlfriend Ashlee Simpson’s MTV reality show. They have the same manager, her dad Joe, and Cabrera’s first album back then was produced by John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls. While female fans try to keep up with who he’s involved with (Riley Keough, Elvis’ granddaughter), these days the grown-up Cabrera sports a whole new look and is on the road with a new album “The Moon Under Water.”

The next year he switched to a Boxster S, then to a 2005 Porsche 911. He now has a 2007 911 Turbo. “After the 911 I had to get the Turbo,” Cabrera says. “I’m such a punk when it comes to cars, although Porsches are my favorite, I’ve always had Porsches.” He leases and says when his lease is up, he might switch to a greener Prius.

Although the cars have been automatic, Entertainment Weekly did a piece on him learning how to drive a stick shift, after he pretended to drive a 1972 Corvette convertible in one of his videos. “Entertainment Weekly was like, we heard you don’t know how to drive stick so we’re going to teach you, so they sent me to a Brooklyn driving school, they taught me how to drive stick shift, but then I forgot,” he says.
He says it was hard at first, but “eventually I started to like it, but I realized I do too much while I’m in the car already so I don’t want to have to think too much while I’m driving.” He says he plays with the iPod and admits “I’ve got to pay more attention than I already do” when driving.

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