New Porsche Pajun – Baby Panamera

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Porsche logoAutoBild released a juicy anticipation Pajun on the Porsche, the Panamera can younger sister and new model designed to fit into the increasingly crowded range of the German manufacturer. The name too similar to the announced Cajun compact SUV, is thinking seriously about an April Fool’s joke, but the data are credible: Porsche might propose, not before 2016, a luxury midsize sedan by about 60,000 Euros, with engines derived from the powerful and big sisters with compact dimensions.

The same basic mechanics would also have to enlarge Bentley down its range, a feature which is already anticipated by the outgoing CEO, Franz-Josef Paefgen and again weighted by the VAG group to increase the volume of cars produced, lowering the price of attack below the threshold of 100,000 euros, taking advantage of synergies.

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