New Porsche Boxster (Porsche 981) in heavy LA traffic :Porsche Spy shots

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New Porsche Boxster (Porsche 981)We’ve seen new Porsche Boxster (Porche 981) running at the Nürburgring; now we’ve caught the new Porsche Boxster Prototype testing stateside. Spotted in heavy LA traffic, these two disguised new Porsche Boxsters show subtle but significant differences from the current car. More shapely and aggressive bodywork at the rear is apparent, along with a new taillight design. Also notable, the decklid has gone from two pieces (with a panel each for the convertible top and the trunk) to a clean, single piece of sheet metal. We’ll look forward to seeing how the new design integrates with the convertible top. The front of the car shows some Porsche 911 influence, with bigger vents and shorter overhangs, but I had a tough time getting a shot of the nose from my moving motorcycle…might have had something to do with my thick gloves! If this new Porsche Boxster (Porche 981) does not make a surprise debut at the Frankfurt show in September, perhaps we’ll see it on the stand at Geneva early next year.

New Porsche Boxster (Porsche 981)


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