New Porsche 911 Winter Driving School 2012

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We know that Porsche test its cars anywhere from the desert to the Arctic, because we’ve seen numerous sightings of the new Porsche 911 that was recently revealed and even the new Porsche Boxster.

Now, The Stuttgart automaker is announcing the Winter Driving School “Porsche Driving Experience Winter”, which will give all fans of the sportscar a chance to test it under more extreme conditions than they would encounter on the road.

“In the winter training courses of the Porsche Driving Experience both beginners and experienced drivers will, under the guidance of Porsche’s instructors, be able to develop their driving skills and improve their driving style one step at a time through a well-balanced mix of theoretical and practical content,”
 the official statement reads.

As was the case with prototype testing for the new Porsche 911 (Porsche 991), the experience centers around a test track in the far North of Finland, very close to the Arctic Circle.

There levels will be offered for those wanting to learn how to control the rear-engined car in icy conditions: Precision, Performance and Master.

If the cold isn’t your thing, but you want to test the new Porsche 911 as it’s being launched, “Porsche Tour of South Africa also features a varied itinerary. Scenic routes start from Cape Town and wind their way through the Garden Route to the inland game reserves and enable participants to experience the new Porsche 911 on roads made for driving.”

Minus 30 degrees in the snow. In a Porsche?
We can warmly recommend it – the winter driving activities from the Winter Driving School – Porsche Driving Experience.

The Porsche Winter Driving School offers you a number of different opportunities to enjoy handling a Porsche in winter conditions. You’ll also have the unique opportunity of learning all about the future of the sportscar: with the new Porsche 911 – as part of a special training session at Camp4, Camp4S and Ice-Force.

Porsche instructors will show you how to improve your safety – and your driving skills. On snow and ice. Pushing the limits. For unlimited driving pleasure.

As the graphic shows, you can complete each level which builds on knowledge from the previous level (Precision, Performance and Master) as part of specially developed winter driving programmes on snow and ice. First-time participants start with the Precision training. They subsequently go on to improve their vehicle control further with the next level up, Performance. Only then are they ready for the Master course. You can complete the individual training levels on ice in the winter or on the track in the summer.

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