New Porsche 911 review – From it’s roots to seventh-generation

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The seventh-generation two-door sports coupe has been redesigned with an all-new lightweight, aluminium-steel composite body. Weight has been reduced by up to 45kg and the aerodynamic coefficient, Porsche says, has also been reduced

The coupe, while reduced in height, gets a 100mm-longer wheelbase, shorter overhangs and a wider track.Wing mirrors are now placed on the upper edge of the doors instead of the mirror triangles, which the Stuttgart car maker says is aerodynamically advantageous.

The Carrera gets a new 3.4-litre boxer engine producing 350bhp while the Carrera S has a 3.8-litre boxer with 400bhp, 15bhp more than the predecessor. Both will come with a seven-speed manual transmission.

However, when mated to the optional PDK dual-clutch transmission, both variants sees fuel consumption of 8.2 litres/100km and 8.7 litres/100km respectively, making the Carrera more fuel-efficient than its predecessor.

A new seven-speed manual transmission comes as standard.

Other green enhancements include a new electro-mechanical steering and auto stop-start technology.

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