Duke’s Garage Introduces Collection of Electric and Gasoline Powered Vintage Porsche Replica Convertibles

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WESTMINSTER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Duke’s Garage, a company specializing in restoring classic cars, and converting cars and trucks from gasoline engines to 100% electric vehicles, today announces the introduction of its eSpeedster and 550 Spyder Porsche replica vehicles. Duke’s Garage will be showcasing the eSpeedster and 550 Spyder convertibles at booth 31A at the Denver Auto ShowMarch 30 – April 3, 2011

2011 Duke's Garage Porsche 356 eSpeedster electric

The eSpeedster is based on the 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster and features a retro look combined with cutting edge technology and a 39.2 kW 3-phase AC electric motor that is powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries. Not only does the eSpeedster have a style that is incomparable, it’s a zero-emissions vehicle that costs only three cents per mile to drive. The eSpeedster boasts a true classic look with all of today’s quality modern conveniences such as an iPod-ready stereo, temperature control, and modern brakes and suspension. In addition, the car comes standard with a full leather interior for lasting durability and comfort. The vehicle also features regenerative braking, which is unique to electric motors, and makes the car ultra efficient. The eSpeedster is built to provide a range of 110 miles per charge, a charge time of eight hours and a top speed of 90 mph, making it a car that can be driven anywhere.

“We’ve seen a great response to our new eSpeedster model since it’s 100% clean, stylish, and incredibly fun to drive for both men and women alike,” said Melisse Perré, co-founder of Duke’s Garage. “These cars have it all – a classic style with an electric motor that meets today’s needs of treading lightly on the environment.”

2011 Duke's Garage Porsche Spyder 550 with Subaru engineDuke’s Garage also offers the Spyder – based on the 1955 Porsche Spyder 550 S – which is custom-built with either a VW or Subaru gasoline engine. The vehicle combines the classic Spyder appearance with a modern suspension, high-performance engine, four-speed pro-street transmission, four-wheel disc brakes and high-quality leather interior. The Spyder can reach speeds of 130+ mph on the highway and can go from zero to 60 mph in six and a half seconds.

“Our dream at Duke’s Garage is that every two-car household have one traditional gasoline engine vehicle and one electric vehicle,” said Perré. “Our goal is to provide car enthusiasts with the perfect custom vehicle that is both aesthetically appealing and fun to drive.”

2011 Duke's Garage Porsche Spyder 550 with Subaru engineThrough a partnership with Special Edition, Inc., creator of the Beck Speedster and Spyder, Duke’s Garage currently serves as the only dealer in the West to build and offer these vehicles with gasoline engines or electric motors.

“We are proud to partner with Special Edition, Inc. to produce a quality, well-engineered product that represents style and fun,” said Perré. “With the introduction of the eSpeedster, we can now offer the average sports car enthusiast a custom-made, high-quality replication of a classic icon that is green as well.”

The benefits of electric cars have been covered extensively. They include the luxury of never having to visit a gas station, and the ability to charge the vehicle from multiple renewable sources or from any standard electric source. In addition, electric vehicles produce zero emissions and are low maintenance.

2011 Duke's Garage Porsche 356 eSpeedster electricThe Speedster and Spyder models from Duke’s Garage are available in various colors including: black, silver, red, blue as well as custom colors. Duke’s Garage currently has two battery-powered eSpeedsters ready for sale, two gasoline engine 356 Speedsters and two gasoline engine 550 Spyders. All replicas are custom-made and typically require six weeks to build. Duke’s Garage has worked on a variety of electric conversions including a number of VW bugs, numerous mid-size trucks and a 1965 Mustang convertible. Duke’s Garage has also recently converted a right-hand drive four-wheel drive Jeep Wrangler to electric for the City of Denver’s Parking Enforcement Division as well as a 2008 Ford Ranger for the City of Littleton. The company is currently working on creating and building the eSpyder, an electric motor version of the 550 Spyder, and a conversion of a 1975 VW bus.

About Duke’s Garage

Dukes Garage logoDuke’s Garage was founded by Duke Altschuler and Melisse Perré, a husband and wife team. The Duke’s Garage team has a true passion for cars and values the sustainability of zero-emission vehicles independent of foreign energy suppliers. In addition to converting cars and trucks from gasoline engines to 100% electric vehicles, the company also restores classic cars and trucks and has more than 25 unique vehicles in its collection.

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