David Beckham Switch from Porsche to a Chevy Camaro

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David Beckham CamaroWhen he moved to the United States to follow the football league over there, David Beckham showed his identity as a footballer in the land of Uncle Sam. How ? He is selling a his metta black Porsche and replaced with U.S. muscular sedan, Chevrolet Camaro SS 2011.

Two-door sedan 3600 cc engine was caught on camera when Beckham left the gym club, LA Galaxy. He then took him back to his home in Beverly Hills followed by a bodyguard in a separate vehicle.

Uniquely, the new car Beckham is once again colored matte black. This color is the color seems  idol footballer who never borrowed club Tottenham Hotspur this some time ago.

Backham’s old car:

Back in February of 2008 David Beckham added a sleek Porsche Turbo Cabriolet to his stable with lots of custom work including his number on the headrests.  After some time he changes the color of his car to matte black

David Beckham's Porsche before changes

David Beckham's Porsche after changes

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