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New Details on Electric Porsche Boxster E RWD and AWD Prototypes

Porsche news Electric Porsche Prototypes Porsche Boxster E Back in February, Porsche announced the development of three pure-electric prototypes based on the Porsche Boxster roadster, but aside from a single photo and the fact that the electric motors could produce up to 180kW/241HP, the Stuttgart-based automaker did not release any other details on the cars. After […]


Porsche 918 number one of Top 10 Hybrid/Electric Sports And Super Cars

Porsche green news Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid Top 10 Hybrid/Electric Sports And Super Cars Famous car blog Topspeed announced Top 10 Hybrid Sports and Super Cars. Not surprisingly top position was gone to Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid – car that rocked the sport car market with its impossible low fuel consumption and groundbreaking speed. Definitively number […]


Porsche has confirmed it is developing a four-cylinder engine

Porsche news Technical news Four-cylinder Fuel economy Porsche is set to introduce a four-cylinder engine unique to the brand to reduce fuel use and improve environmental performance. Porsche has confirmed it is developing a four-cylinder engine for its Boxster and Cayman sports cars with the view to reducing fuel use by “8 to 12 per cent”. Just […]


New Porsche Boxster E Electric Vehicle Previewed

Porsche green news Electric vehicles Zero-emission Porsche Boxster E Porsche Boxster also experiences the way of a electric traction, which until a few years ago seemed almost a fiction, but today the cars with zero emissions are gaining in the sports segments and in the most famous brands. While Porsche earlier announced the 918 RSR hybrid, the […]


The World’s slowest Porsche GT3 RS

Zero-emission Slowest Porsche Porsche Ferdinand GT3 RS Here is a video and photo gallery showing the new Ferdinand GT3 RS, a zero-emissions car named after the legendary Porsche founder. Unfortunately the car has nothing to do with Porsche, other than being shaped like a Porsche 911. It features a “gold-painted” exterior, has a big rear wing […]