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Porsche GT3 Cup Challange Brasil43-strong Porsche festival at Estoril. The Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Brasil uses the delivery of 20 new, 450 hp Porsche 911 GT3 Cup to South America for a spectacular start to the season. On the way from Weissach to Rio, the new cars will rendezvous on the Estoril race track near Lisbon with 23 older, 420 hp 911 GT3 Cup shipped from Brazil to contest round one of the one-make race series. Today, on 26 March, 43 competitors will race in two classes. Round two takes place on 30 April in Argentina’s Buenos Aires.

The provisional list of members for the opening of the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge at Estoril – Brazil:



Category Porsche Cup

0-Constantino Júnior
1-Ricardo Rosset
3-Eduardo de Souza Ramos
7-Clemente Lunardi
9-Guilherme Figueirôa
10-Adalberto Baptista
11-Omilton Visconde Júnior
15-Henry Visconde
16-Esio Vichiese
18-Danilo Fernandez
27-Ricardo Baptista
34-Maurizio Billi
36-Charles Reed
52-Roberto Posses
55-Marcel Visconde
63-Sérgio Ribas
70-Marcelo Franco
89-Daniel Paludo
99-Tom Valle
997-Marcos Barros

CategoryPorsche Challenge

3-Paco Salcedo (México)
4-Gui Affonso
5-Sylvio de Barros
7-Tommy Soubihe
8-Rodolfo Ometto Rolim
9-Edu Guedes
10-Carlos Silveira
11-Christiano Freire
17-Marcelo Stallone
18-Carlos Ambrósio
21-Armando Marracini
27-Amilcar Collares
33-Flávio Rietmann
41-André Lara Resende
46-Fernando Barci
54-Bernardo Parnes
57-Jorge Borelli
63-Beny Lago
69-Sérgio Maggi
77-Daniel Schneider
81-Gilberto Farah
88-Eduardo Azevedo
99-Alan Turres

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