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2011 Porsche Design jeans collectionPorsche Design has extended their fashion line to include a jeans collection. The new line was introduced through a collaboration with the Jeans label “Blessed & Cursed”

Porsche Design Jeans

The men’s and ladies’s collections are fabricated from the highest quality denim fabric available, featuring the typical, timelessly minimal Porsche Design look. The regular cut features clear, unfussy lines and a slim fit.

Unique Vintage Look

The jeans are available in “Black Black” or “Blue Stone” finishes. The “Mechanic Blue” finish is an exceptionally exclusive hand-crafted option offering a unique vintage look. Each pair is created individually, making it completely unique.

Special new Jeans look

Porsche jeans also feature an extra special touch not found on commercially available jeans. Where production jeans use rivets to fasten the front pockets in place, Porsche Design has exchanged these for small hex-socket bolts, creating an unmistakable, special new look. The button and zipper are finished with a matt-black carbon covering. The Porsche Design P-numbers which identify the production models the company produces adorn the seat pockets.

The “Blessed &Cursed” Label

Blessed & Cursed is a jeans label founded in 2007 which has managed to reach widespread critical acclaim in the few years they have been operating. International stars such as Rihanna, Bon Jovi and Michael Ballack can all be counted among the current celebrity customers.


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